Instructions for Reviewers

The peer reviewers for the Journal of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology are carefully selected on their experience and trustworthiness. If the Editors find an article worthy, it is send to at least two outside referees for an in–depth review. Reviewers are contacted before being sent a paper and questioned if they have the time and experience necessary for the paper at hand. In some occasions, additional reviewers are asked to evaluate particular components of a manuscript based on their individual expertise.

The Editors will consult the Referees on a revision of a manuscript only if they judge that the paper has been substantially improved but still requires expert input. The final responsibility for decision of acceptance or rejection of a manuscript lies exclusively with the Executive Editors.

Objective Evaluation

Reviews should be objective in their assessments of the new research. If you are not qualified to evaluate a component of the research, you should inform the Executive Editor in Chief in your review. If you find a potential conflict, e.g.: any professional or financial affiliations that are closely related to the paper’s content, or the author of the paper, you should inform the Executive Editors and decline the reviewing process.

Constructive Criticism

Reviews should be constructive and respectful of the intellectual independence of the author. The reviewer should avoid personal comments; and the Executive Editors may remove comments that will hinder constructive discussion of manuscripts. Please, be prompt and if events will prevent you from a timely review inform the Executive Editor in Chief at the time of the request or as soon as possible.

Reviewer Anonymity

The review process is conducted anonymously, and the Executive Editors do not disclose the identity of reviewers. Reviewers have to take all measures to anonymize their comments and the files that send back for the authors’ use. The Executive Editors share reviews with the authors and possibly other reviewers of the same paper and other Editors of the journal.


The submitted manuscript must be treated as a highly confidential! Please delete or discard all copies of the manuscript after review and do not share the manuscript with any colleagues without the permission of the Executive Editor in Chief. Reviewers should not make personal or professional use of the data or interpretations before publication without the authors’ permission.